what Dr. S.K. Dash thinks?

Helping others by giving have-nots

means a lot to him. He recounts a “satisfying” endeavor of helping others.


more about us

What we do

We’re a foundation that takes a bold, effective approach to help through four key areas: Health care & Wellness | Education | Research & Innovation | Community & Culture

Who we are

For over years, we have been working to as a philanthropic and Corporate Social Responsibility initiative by Dr. S.K. Dash, the founder and innovator of Probiotics Innovation.

Where we work

Adoption a village and helping build shelter homes, a school, a micro bank. We work as the tapestry of philanthropy in Minnesota and in India

Community and culture matter

By involving in the community and cultural activities to make a difference to the life of those in need.

Sponsor of societies

Sponsored India Association of Minnesota, Minnesota Historical Society, Odisha Society of America etc. with a view to built a sense of cohesiveness within the community, and advancing the cultural, charitable, academic, political and professional interests.

Supported art and artists

Generous supporter of Dance Academies, Musicians , Singers, supporting Indo-American resource centres. Which makes our work possible to advocate for good.

Our motto

better Health

We work for a the betterment of health and wellness. Whether we contribute financially or as advocate for good, we always try to make a real and lasting difference in people’s lives.

We collaborate

We put our effort by establishing collaborative programs in Kalinga Hospital, Bhubaneswar with University of Minnesota.

We are helping!

We have been working in strengthening health education by establishing health institutions along with setting up of emergency services  like Blood bank and health camps during natural calamities.


how we are helping

supported in establishment

We contributed for good to establish educational institutions quest for continuous improvements in teaching and learning, research.

Provided scholarships

Provided scholarships to the pupils High Schools in Minnesota and  South Dakota State University (SDSU).

adopted schools

To advocate for good education, we adopted schools in Odisha financially or as advocate for good.

We are promoting innovation

We are encouraging innovative ideas of our future generation by establishing Innovation Centers at IIT-Bhubaneswar and South Dakota State University-USA.

We also initiated for establishment of Biochemical Engineering at SDSU.

So far we have helped
50 K
0 +


Our founder have always been awarded and recognized for his innovative and philanthropic actions.

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