Banara,India: This year,following the January Shivir at Banara,JKYOG conducted yet another beautiful Bhakti Yog Sadhana Shivir in the mid of February.It was started after receiving the consent of the Councillor of Banara & all the government guidelines were strictly followed.

The 5-day retreat streamed both online and offline.Many devotees visited Banara to attend the shivir in person.Equally huge participation was witnessed online from all over the world.

The topic of Swamiji’s lecture in this shivir was the Garud Kaagbhushundi Samvaad from Tulsi Ramayan. Swamiji and all the devotees sang the melodious couplets of Ramayan. There were various other events like Maha Daawat of Shree Maharajji, Guru Charan Pujan, Basant Utsav, Jhoolan of Shree Maharaj ji.All the devotees had a wonderful time at the shivir .