Minneapolis, Minnesota: Glimpses of 15th Anniversary of Hindu Temple of Minnesota and Gundicha Mandir Inauguration celebrations which started on June 11, 2021 and ended on June 13, 2021. The Chief Guests were Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, Senior US Senator Amy Klobuchar. The other VIP guests were Mayor Mark Steffenson, MN State Senator John Hoffman, MN State Senator Foung Hawj, Well Fargo Bank Presidents, US Bank President, City Council members, Rotary Club Presidents and University of Minnesota (UoM) Deans and faculty members, medical officers and others including IAM President, Hindu Temple Past Chairpersons and Presidents and other Community Leaders.

As HSMN Chairman, I sincerely thank our Governor, Senators and other dignitaries. My special thanks to all our HSMN organizers including Trustee Executive Council members, Executive Committee members, Priests, Temple Manager and Staff members, Trustees, Donors, Community Members, and many other volunteers who have made 15TH ANNIVERSARY AND GUNDICHA MANDIR INAUGURATION A HISTORY MAKING EVENT.